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MC Dungeons Weapons Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

MC Dungeons Weapons Mod

MC Dungeons Weapons Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 is a whose main objective is that players can have all the weapons of the Minecraft Dungeons video game in our Minecraft worlds. This will allow us to go beyond the default swords. At this time, with this mod installed, we can make a maximum of 40 …

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Potions Master Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

Potions Master Mod

Potions Master Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 offers us the possibility of making a new set of potions, whose functionality is to reveal the location of mineral resource blocks close to our character. These potions can be manufactured in the three versions, which are, regular potion, thrown potion and as a persistent potion. By using …

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Solar Cooker Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

Solar Cooker Mod

Solar Cooker Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 that will allow us to make a solar cooker to cook food without relying on coal. These solar cookers can increase their efficiency through the use of reflectors, being able to connect a maximum of four reflectors per solar cooker. The operation is similar to that of a …

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Better UX Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

Better UX Mod

Better UX Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 that focuses on modifying the vast majority of overlapping visuals that appear on our game screen. With this mod installed we will have more information on our game screen, but in a more compact format. For example, the food icons and hearts will be replaced by a bar …

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Rings of Ascension Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

Rings of Ascension Mod

Rings of Ascension Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 offers us the possibility of obtaining various types of rings, whose functionality is to provide our character with various permanent effects, as long as we carry the ring set clear. We say get because these rings cannot be manufactured by us, but we can only get them …

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Corail Pillar Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

Corail Pillar Mod

Corail Pillar Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 offers us the possibility of creating a new decorative or constructive element in Minecraft, the rounded columns, or rounded pillars. With them we can create new types of structure, based on pillars of various materials. In total, taking into account the different materials that we can use, we …

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Enchant With Mob Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

Enchant With Mob Mod

Enchant With Mob Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 is a that focuses on adding a new creature, called Enchanter, based on the creature, of the same name, that we find in the game Minecraft Dungeons. This Enchanter will have the ability to randomly enchant hostile creatures around him. Although the Enchanter will have the ability …

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Simple Voice Chat Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

Simple Voice Chat Mod

Simple Voice Chat Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 that offers us a simple but effective system to add a voice chat within the game, without having to resort to external tools to talk with our friends or other players . The mod offers us two options press to speak or open voice. If we decide …

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Weapon Throw Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

Weapon Throw Mod

Weapon Throw Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 is a that will allow us, as its name suggests, to launch our weapons and tools against anything. This, regardless of how fun it may be, will allow us to use our melee weapons for ranged attacks. The use of weapons and tools, with this mod installed, will …

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PlantTech 2 Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

PlantTech 2 Mod

PlantTech 2 Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 is a that allows us to combine technology with agriculture to get resources from our orchards. Once our gardens allow us to obtain resources without having to go underground, we will be able to automate the process and industrialize our agricultural systems. This mod will allow us …

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